Udruženje uzgajivača ovaca i koza "Kozara"

 The breeders of sheep and goats from the area three Potkozarje municipality (Prijedor, Gradiska and Kozarska Dubica), have launched an initiative for the merger into a single association to represent the interests of the same and serve to further progress in this production. Following the decision on the establishment of the Inaugural Meeting of 07th March 2015. , the Association of breeders of sheep and goats „Kozara“, registered in the Basic Court in Banja Luka 05th June 2015.The Association will carry out its activity in other areas of the Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH, ie. the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Association acts as a unique organization. The main objectives of the Association are: 
– representing the interests of sheep farmers from the municipalities of Prijedor, Gradiska and Kozarska Dubica, 
– improvement of sheep production in the municipalities of Prijedor, Gradiska and Kozarska Dubica 
– education sheep breeders in all aspects of culture in order to raise the level of knowledge and awareness as a prerequisite for better production results on farms respecting the principles of good breeding and hygiene practices, animal welfare and health security, 
– organization of seminars, lectures and informing association members about the organization and improvement of sheep breeding, 
– the maintenance of local exhibitions and event in order to promote rural development and promoting agricultural potential of local communities 
– organizing trips in BiH and abroad for members of associations, exchange experiences with other cattle breeders association and the association at a higher level (Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, EU),
 – cooperation between members of the Association, as with each other and with other similar associations and organizations at home and abroad,
– introducting modern scientific achievements and technological methods and procedures in all aspects of the job; 
– cooperation with professional, scientific and educational institutions in the country and abroad,
– other activities, which support the achievement of the above objectives in accordance with the Law on Associations and Foundations of the Republika Srpska (Official Gazette of RS, No.52/01). 
Members of the association have herds of 20 to 200 sheep of different breeds. In addition „Vlašićka Pramenka“ and improved „Pramenka“ which is the most common, there are also herds Wirtemberg, Jezersko-Solčavsko, Ile de France and Romanovska race. Growers in this region are determined to continue improving and repairing the racial composition of their herds. Sheep and lamb production in these municipalities from Potkozarje region, are semi intensive and intensive. Sheep are grazing from April to November with supplemental hay and concentrated feed. In winter the sheep in the barn facilities and feed hay, clover, silage and concentrated feed (a mixture of corn, oats, barley). This way of feeding the lambs are sold at 3-4 months (depending on race) in weight 30-35 kg. Because of this way of eating lamb from this area is extremely appreciated, and manufacturers have no trouble selling. On the territory of these three municipalities annually produces more than 25 000 lambs, or about 750 tons 
of high quality lamb meat for wide market in our and other country.


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